What transpired on “THE TALK” between Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood, should resonate in the minds of every black woman- even if it doesn’t impact her directly. She knows someone- who knows someone.

Since whiteness is a formula, it doesn’t matter whether it is Sharon or White mothers on the PTA.

*Racism is viewed as “individual acts of cruelty” and not the collective consciousness of systemic racism

  • solidarity — someone who supports, justifies and enforces the behavior (this is layered with good intentions)
  • Making your learning a black persons responsibility

Child please

Hush Harbor Wellness, gives this on going , long-standing fuckery a home. It doesn’t get to “do what it wants” while creating harm in others.

I will elaborate in a later post!

Maisha Sapp Woodley

Wellness Coach, Author, Blogger Content developer




Whiteness woke is based on the the core values of Whiteness and the awareness of something “systemic racism” being terribly wrong …

Blackness Woke is subscribing to none of this shit. Having a deep knowing that this “ if Massa’s house is burning — -well you know the rest.


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