What transpired on “THE TALK” between Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood, should resonate in the minds of every black woman- even if it doesn’t impact her directly. She knows someone- who knows someone.

Since whiteness is a formula, it doesn’t matter whether it is Sharon or White mothers on the PTA.

*Racism is viewed as “individual acts of cruelty” and not the collective consciousness of systemic racism

  • solidarity — someone who supports, justifies and enforces the behavior (this is layered with good intentions)

Child please

Hush Harbor Wellness, gives this on going , long-standing fuckery a home. It doesn’t get to “do what it wants” while creating harm in others.

I will elaborate in a later post!

Maisha Sapp Woodley

Wellness Coach, Author, Blogger Content developer

WHEN called into battle the Warrior Queen sprang into action. Being strong was her only armor and with no time to spare, she gathered her troops and went into battle…

I stumbled upon lyric Chanel’s picture on Instagram literally by accident. At first glance, I thought the adult in the photo was Sharee Zampino (Will Smith’s first wife ) and what I assumed was a younger relative of hers — — looking fabulous of course.

I visited the page and my life was changed — — — forever.

For one to fully understand the impact of this young Warrior Queen…

I was in the heart of Dakar –Senegal a few years back. What I experienced was a community built on constant communication. This high vibrating environment almost knocked me on my ass. Even the intense disagreeing — the arguing that occurred, all a part of the collective conversation. For the level of conversation was intense. Believe it or not, there are levels to this and like any muscle that is built, it gets stronger over time due to constant use. …

I am going to do my best to turn my complaint into objectives — -but I am only human.

When I first joined Kickstarter back in 2012,although it lacked diversity, I fell in love with the youthful — grassroots community feel. With this latest campaign -my objective was to expose my mostly black and brown very talented clients to the Kickstarter platform —to utilize a space to expand their creativity in a meaningful way. Already in the process of recording my album, perfect timing-to implement some new possibilities for my clients.

When I took “lemons and flowers” black and over…

I did not see black businesses growing up in Brooklyn. If they were their, they were hard to find. My first blueprint was “ black people and consumerism”.

Legacies are built when you leave a blue print for folks to follow.

We are in the business of normalizing Black businesses.

Our Mission at Black Core Strategies is to normalize Black Businesses.

Persistently, aggressively — innovatively applying new ideas and concepts, that meet the needs of new black businesses; eradicating old business models that do not serve and replacing them with ones that do. Here’s Why-

a year before I thought it was a good idea to throw races

As I sat on the bench, with the other kids that competed and lost. I looked up — grinning ear to ear because I did something great. I was proud of myself for letting my friend Lisa win against me when we raced. She did not want to race me because I was fast- — fastest runner in the school. When our gym teacher Mr.Ross picked us two, to race against each other-She started crying -pouting and visibly-shaking. I took note of that. So when our gym teacher lined us up- in front of a gym filled with students- yelling…

Why Inclusion is nothing more than leftovers from a holiday meal…

inclusion hasn’t changed any of the core beliefs of systemic racism
inclusion hasn’t changed any of the core beliefs of systemic racism

In my fictitious world, Dr.Robin Diangelo (author of white fragility ),

Is preparing to go back to Google headquarters for not the 1st time, not the 2nd time, not the 3rd time — — but somewhere around 5th. time in 2020 (breakdown groups included).

Mumbling under her breath, how pissed off she is for having to hold off on her retirement party until 2022.

She slips on her red galoshes; right foot then the left foot. She ignores the fact that her sox don’t match — “no one is gonna see them anyway”, she thinks to herself.

She decides to…


Whiteness woke is based on the the core values of Whiteness and the awareness of something “systemic racism” being terribly wrong …

Blackness Woke is subscribing to none of this shit. Having a deep knowing that this “ if Massa’s house is burning — -well you know the rest.


series 2 of 5

Black Core- Utopia for Black Entrepreneurs

Changing your mind changes things…Thought leader/Author/Instructor

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